Hey There, I'm Paul Blakey. Here's some blurb about moi..

Paul Blakey has been making his mark on the technology sector for over a decade. His extensive experience with graphical user interface design, along with his creativity, versatility and ability to be a team player, make him a natural fit for his current role as Master Codesmith for sought out Paul because of his talent for software vetting and his comprehensive knowledge of architecture and development.

Prior to joining, Paul was the Chief Developer for, where he was responsible for the creation and construction of their Online Video Portal. He was also responsible about constructing the user content license system, Device Integration (Xbox IOS etc) as well as integrating authentication with's multiple partners including Verizon FIOS, Charter Communications and Cox.

Prior to joining Goldberg, Paul was the Lead Developer for Next New Networks, where he was responsible for the creation and construction of their Video CMS and distribution platforms. He met this challenging role head-on by building a template-driven page-rendering engine and enabling integration with more than 20 different partner services, including YouTube, Veoh and AOL.

Until 2007, Paul resided in the United Kingdom, spent six years at Thales Training and Simulation Ltd., a world-class supplier of civil aviation simulators, training equipment and quality training services. In his tenure at TTS, his focus was the development of user interfaces, as well as the testing and qualifying of core software through all stages of the product life cycle. This included initial design and specification through to quality assurance (troubleshooting and bug verification) and end user delivery. Paul's disciplined strategy and penchant for being a hands-on problem solver resulted in a stunning enhancement of existing functionality for TTS.

In addition to being an innovative and forward-thinker, Paul demonstrates expertise in standards-compliant web page design. He is also fluent in a range of operating systems, computer languages, development tools, databases, methodologies and computer hardware.

Paul is a graduate of the University of Northampton in England where he received his B.S. in Computer Science. He enjoys photography, video games and foreign travel. He currently resides in New York City with his wife Judy and dog Baxter.

My Talents

  • Lingua Technica
    • 99%PHP
    • 95%Javascript
    • 95%HTML
  • Buckets o' Bits
    • 90%MySql
    • 95%Elasticsearch
    • 95%Redis
  • Pretty Bits
    • 75%jQuery
    • 65%AngularJS
    • 45%Bootstrap
  • Workflow
    • 80%AWS
    • 80%Git
    • 60%SVN

My Projects

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